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“Soccer Duel is a fun, exciting solid game that involves dexterity and placement. It’s a simple and straightforward game that’s really easy to play for everyone. It will work for teens, younger kids, families and adults. It’s a great stocking stuffer game.” – The Unfiltered Gamer. Watch Video on Youtube

Video – Actual Game Play Time Lapse

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Add this 8 Card Collector’s Pack – Shady Pets Soccer, Edition 1

More Information. Rules for “Shady Pets Soccer War”

Order separately for $8.99 or with Soccer Duel for $26.99

Soccer Duel comes with 85 tiles, 3 yellow cards, 1 red card, instructions, and a snazzy box that you need for discards.

Fantastic and colorful artwork for each soccer ball makes this game a amazing treat for all players!