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Welcome to the undersea world of the tropical reef with colorful sea creatures and cunning octopuses who wear shades. Throw Octopus! Tile Game is a new and innovative tile/puzzle placement game for 1-5 players that allows you to use clever strategies to place tiles in a growing seascape of colorful creatures.  Be the first to play all your tiles and win the game. Or play 2 player Octopus Duel for a head to head battle of wits and speed! Throw Octopus! Tile Game was created by FireStorm Labs, LLC. in 2022 and is now available.

Article: Meet The World’s Largest Stuffed Octopus

FireStorm Labs was established in 2013 by Brian Rauch and is best known for the creation of the widely popular card game, Shady Pets (over 30,000 units sold) and ranked as a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon. Please visit ShadyPets.com to learn more.

Article: Meet The World’s Largest Stuffed Octopus

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