Please see the following reviews for Throw Octopus.

“The artwork is super fluid and vibrant. The game is fun, simple and straightforward with lots of choice and strategy. I recommend it for families and kids!” – Unfiltered Gamer (watch video below or click this link)

“Throwing the octopus and seeing the finished seascape at the end of the game are so satisfying. The art is great, and the concept is unique. I just know we will be playing this game for years to come.” — Purple Phoenix Games Read Full Review

“Overall I would give this a solid 9/10! We have dozens of games in our personal collection and our son requests this one about 1/3 of the time he picks a game!” — Everything Board Games Read Full Review

“The art is vibrant and bright and is a great match for the game and target audience. With the visual appeal, the very accessible rules and simply gameplay this is a game that is great for families with younger children. The added bonus of a octopus that your children can throw (gently of course) will be an instant hit.” – The Friendly Boardgamer Read Full Review

“Kids will have a lot of fun with Throw Octopus!, and it works well as a family game. The plushie soft toy octopus shouldn’t do too much damage, but, to be on the safe side, don’t play this game in a room where you are displaying delicately balanced priceless Ming vases.” – Board’s Eye View Read Full Review