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Multi-Player Game Rules

3-5 Player Game Rules The object of this game is to be the first player to get rid of all their tiles! Before you start, make sure all the players know the basic rules to playing tiles: Rule #1: Tiles must connect perfectly by the creature parts (color matching) only. Creature tiles will connect in […]

Octopus Duel!

2 Player Octopus Duel! This version of the game is full of fast-paced action where you’ll go head to head against another player in a frantic real-time race to score more points than your opponent. To start, both players will sit opposite each other at a table. Make sure the table is large enough to […]

Single Player Game Rules

Single Player Rules The object of this game is to score as many points as possible by completing creatures! Once finished, check your score on our Octopus Genius Scale. To play the single player game (or solo play), first shuffle all the tiles face down. Draw 6 tiles from the Tile Pile and expose them […]

Octopus Action Card Library

Octopus Action Cards Library Details and commentary on the rules for each Octopus Action Card in the Throw Octopus game including the following cards:  Throw Octopus! |  Magic Touch |  Shark Attack |  Stinky Inky  |  Tile Party  |   Octo Shield  |  Bonus Turn  |  Go Fishing  Throw Octopus!: The Throw Octopus! card allows […]